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Blanc Wax Stamper

Blanc Wax Stamper

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Introducing the Blanc Wax Stamper: Create Your Own Stylish Wax Seals

Meet our Blanc Wax Stamper which comes in a 25mm diameter with a standard miniature wooden handle or upgrade to our gold brass handle for smoother stamping.

Whether you love design or calligraphy, this stamper adds a special touch to your work. Make unique wax seals that leave a mark.

Upgrade your projects with the Blanc Wreath Wax Stamper – where your creativity shines.

Add Wax Seals

How To

1. Insert wax stick into gun

2. Wait to heat

3. Dispense desired amount onto matt or project

4. Press down quickly and firmly with wax stamper

5. Wait to cool


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Choose your handle

Choose from out standard wooden handle or upgrade to our brushed gold handle.

New to wax sealing?

Purchase our make your own wax seal kits for all the tools you'll need

Personalise it

We have a range of pre designed wax stampers you can personalise or upload your own design!

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